covering: music arrangements of main songs of musical project ,,Anastasis“

Ivan Zelenka is Czech musician, conductor and composer. 
As an arranger and conductor, he also cooperated with Daniel Barták's musical Mefisto.

Ivan Zelenka has become more involved in conducting in recent years. He has also recorded and arranged music for the Barták's musicals, Baron Prášil, and the Snow Queen, and recording CDs for various singers in the present. More information about Ivan Zelenka can be found here.

anastasismusic@seznam.cz                      +420 728 630 396                      Hlaďova 661/7, 190 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic

Music project ANASTASIS is a theater artwork, including music, protected by copyright and cataloged at the theater, literary and audiovisual agency DILIA, z.s. residing at Krátkého 1, 190 03 Praha 9, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section L, Folder 7695.



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