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Lenka has gradutated acting and moderation at college of acting in Prague.

In the summer of 2019, Lenka became a co-founder of the arts non-profit organization Smysl, z. s., where I contribute mostly with my authorial and directing work. As the most important achievement so far Lenka considers the theatre play Interview at half-past three, which has been presented in Prague's Carpe Diem Flora since 2018. Since July 2019 is Lenka also processing and delivering news at Radio Impulse.

Another major role in her life takes singing, however any of the "concert activities" is irregular.  :-)


In 2018 and 2019 Lenka participated as an acting lecturer and director of final projects to the international Talent Camp. Amongst projects realized there could be named Shakespeare vs. Shakespeare, Průřez Kyticí, fairytale project Na vlásku or action musical play Slečna Drsňák. 


Since 2019 Lenka has been working as an actress at the Metropolitan Theater Prague of Dana Bartůňková and since autumn 2019 she has been leading workshops at the Spejbl and Hurvínek Theater.

Apart of that Lenka says:
"In general, I try to take every beautiful opportunity and create others. Therefore, it is not possible to list everything I am a part of." :-) 

"Project Anastasis is another such an opportunity. After all, as the name of my beloved NGO Smysl (Sense) suggests, I like doing meaningful things. And that's how I see the Anastasis project - as a project with an important idea and a big topic and it offers different age groups to find 'their own' in it." :)