covering: IT department, media production, PR department, singing lector, music composer


Michal has been devoted to music since his childhood. As just five years old boy had Michal started attending the elementary art school in Kdyně where, under the guidance of teacher Květa Majerová, he dedicated to opera singing.


He won many national and international competitions in solo classical singing, such as the International Song Contest, Prague Singer, the International Singing Competition of the ZUŠ Žerotín in Olomouc, and more ...


In addition, he also played saxophone and clarinet. He is currently attending the Conservartory in Pilsen, where he is attenging  classical singing under guidance of prof. Svata Luhanová.


Michal is a webmaster and is in charge of the internal department of our website. Michal is also the performer of lead role of Aram in the music project Anastasis.

anastasismusic@seznam.cz                      +420 728 630 396                      Hlaďova 661/7, 190 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic

Music project ANASTASIS is a theater artwork, including music, protected by copyright and cataloged at the theater, literary and audiovisual agency DILIA, z.s. residing at Krátkého 1, 190 03 Praha 9, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section L, Folder 7695.



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