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Do not expect a music seminar nor a sermon on how important it is to help the nature, or information on how important it is to collect garbage, not kill animals, cut down forests or waste the water. We all know that.

A riveting story is waiting for you, in which tears will flow, but it will give you shivers too. You will feel that you have entered the world from a completely different dimension, even if you feel the reality of your everyday life.

It is a story that leads to a reflection on real-life values. It fascinates with its concept of true love, which intertwines throughout the story, but also by the conception of what prevents us to live the love in our everyday lives.

Children and young people have found a way to express themselves in a non-violent way about the perception of the present and emphasize in their story the importance of changing thinking for the benefit of life on earth and their future.


You can expect unique and strong emotional artistic experience whether in the form of drama, singing or dancing.


Why is this music project named Anastasis?

Anastasis is a greek word meaning


and resurrection back to life.

What audience age group is the musical designed for?

Project Anastasis is an artwork with an important idea and a big theme.  

Regardless of age, it simply offers

to find "your own" in it.

The purpose of this project is not to strengthen the idea that we as humankind are at the very end of the demise of the entire planet, but vice versa. The intention is to awaken the love to life and the environment, which is not only home for us but also for our children and generations to come.

This artwork reinforces the idea that we are in a unique era when a time of new shift and change in humanity's thinking comes, and each one of us can be part of this change.

What is the goal of this musical project?

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